Focus Group Research Like Never Before

Think of all the work that goes into assembling a good focus group.  It may take hundreds of calls and thousands of questions just to indentify and recruit a dozen qualified participants.

Ordinarily, once the participants are screened, nothing further is done to exploit the information collected during these interviews.  But now there is a way to utilize the recruitment process to far better advantage.

Here's How it Works

First, STAT Resources expands the initial recruitment interview into a comprehensive survey expertly designed to capture relevant opinions, attitudes and behaviors.  We then apply state of the art statistical methods to analyze these enriched responses, providing you with prelimnary estimates of key indicators such as:  Brand usage, advertising impact, customer satisfaction, market size, purchase intent, employee loyalty.

Better Focus, Better Answers

There are other benefits to the marriage of methods in QualiQuantive Research.  By walking into focus groups armed with information on both participants and the market, STAT can devote more time to exploring and probing those issues that are important to you.  Time with participants is also used more efficiently by incorporating pre-planned mini-questionnaires to poll and record reactions at critcal points during the discussion.  This provides valuable real-time measurements throughout the session.  The result?  More comprehensive information and a richer context to put it in.

Quantitative Expertise Qualitative Excellence

Whatever the needs of your study, QualiQuantive Research will add statistical power to the insights you get from focus groups - all at a cost only slightly more than ordinary focus group research.

Our goal at STAT is simple - to make the whole of your research greater than the sum of its parts.