There is great value in the best minds in an industry participating in the development of collaborative market research.

STAT's published studies include:
  • EAC Desk Reference
  • BA Desk Reference
  • Homeowner's Speak
  • Burglar Alarm Study
  • Fire Alarm Study
  • Corporate 1000 (1992 & 1998)
Currently we have two multi-client studies in the works. We would welcome the chance to personally discuss these and any other STAT research with you. Don’t hesitate to call or email with questions.
Converging Security Technologies
Research that provides the definitive intelligence needed to plot resource allocation, marketing initiatives, channel management and acquisitions.
Endorsed by: Open Security Exchange
Diversity as a Competitive Strategy
(coming soon)

"Research often makes the difference between success and failure."
What kind of research should you be doing? How? How large should the sample be? Find out this and so much more in this comprehensive guide. A must-have for anyone thinking about contracting market research.
Survival Guide
To Planning and Buying Research