STAT's Knowledge Tripod leverages the power of Market, Customer, and Employee research.

Success in today's market depends on strategies built on a solid platform of integrated intelligence and insight.  Combining management know-how and analytical expertise, Tripod results enable clients to anticipate and respond to change in ways that positively impact sustainable profitability.

Leveraging MARKET Opportunity

We support your company in identifying the highest value customer segments and in matching their needs with optimized products and services to achieve and sustain market dominance. This requires powerful tools to uncover hidden purchase motivators, target purchase influencers, and the design of solutions that assure sustainable growth.

Maximizing Lifetime CUSTOMER Value

The customers' experiences — from initial contact through every subsequent touchpoint — clearly impact loyalty, retention, revenue per user and lifetime customer value.  STAT's research and analytics reveal the customer experiences that tie most dramatically to revenue and profits.

Engaging EMPLOYEES in Delivering Excellence

Unlike conventional employee surveys, we use research to involve and invest employees in pointing to the resources they need to deliver quality products and services.  Our approach helps tap employee potential, motivate them to produce, and inspire them to make long-term contributions to learning organizations.