Combining stellar analytics with down-to-earth communication

We maintain an arsenal of traditional and original research methodologies and statistical analysis to build successful marketing strategies, support product/service development and achieve service quality excellence.  Encouraging accountability as well as productivity, STAT’s comprehensive Tripod Metrics programs create corporate cultures in touch with their Markets, Customers, and Employees. 

Market Knowledge Base

Knowledge-driven marketing strategies require an integrated analysis of conditions, brand equity, product features, pricing and competitive forces.  STAT offers exclusive use of the Dominance Index®, an innovative method of assessing and tracking drivers of brand and product dominance.  However, even before conducting primary research, we mine clients’ internal data as well as national and international databanks.  The result?  The most cost efficient basis for developing competitive strategies to attract and retain the highest value employees and customers.

Customer Knowledge Base

Customer acquisition and retention is of course the heart of the successful enterprise.  Our proven techniques for uncovering predictors of lifetime customer value assure clients the richest and most timely basis on which to prioritize marketing sales and operational initiatives.  Our expertise spans state-of-the-art online data gathering and mining to tried-and-true forecasting and research methods.

Employee Knowledge Base

The most often-overlooked source of intelligence about an organization’s success drivers are employees themselves. Our approaches directly tap the knowledge resident in your human resources not simply to track their own loyalty and productivity, but to exploit their hands-on relationship with customers, corporate processes and the competitive environment.  We draw on a wide range of techniques from online surveys to in-depth group interviews, but what differentiates our approach is our ability to involve employees as true partners in achieving marketing and operational improvements.